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Important Information

Your Gateway Router comes equipped with a SIM card and has already been configured to work with your Awair Omni device(s). Before you begin the Omni onboarding or installation process, start by setting up your Gateway.

DO NOT under any circumstances press the reset button on your Gateway Router, as this will clear the preset configuration and will require you to send the Gateway back to Awair for service.

For help onboarding or troubleshooting an issue with your Gateway, please reach out to for support.

Setting Up Your Gateway


1. Insert the metal tip of the power cord into the Gateway receptacle labelled Power 5VDC and plug the adapter into an electrical outlet with the supplied region-specific adapter.

2. The Status light on your Gateway should turn on, indicating that the device has power and is commencing setup.

3. The Cellular light will begin blinking once a cellular connection is made. The LoRa light will light up and turn solid when your LoRa network is established.

4. When the status light begins blinking, automatic setup is complete. The Status light will blink twice per second, the LoRa light will be solid, and the cellular light will blink once per second.

Wait for your Gateway to be fully setup before onboarding your Omni device(s). This process can take up to five minutes.

5. Once your Gateway is set up, you can begin installing and onboarding your Omni devices.


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Product Specifications

Coverage Range: 1km line of sight or 5+ floors and 100,000+ square feet indoors*

*Coverage area varies based on building materials and geographical features.

Network Capacity: 1-20+ Omnis per Gateway

Software Updates: Over the Air (OTA) updates (Gateway, Omnis, and Wall Mount), Ethernet or (optional) cellular internet connectivity

LoRa Connectivity: Private LoRa network with uplink and downlink



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